Breast Implant Options

Safety Of Silicone Gel Breast Implants And Saline Breast Implants For Breast Augmentation

Lots of people have written me about the security of silicone gel breast implants and how you can determine which kind of implant to select. I ‘m reprinting here one result which I believe presents guidelines that are helpful for women considering breast augmentation or enlargement, or breast lift, and attempting to determine which breast implant saline, to select or silicone gel.

breast-removal-image-38There are many variables to think about when determining whether to have augmentation or breast enlargement. The newer silicone gel breast implants have have been approved and have not been unavailable. Your anxiety is shared by many girls about the security of these new implants for breast augmentation.

If done by a seasoned board certify plastic surgeon on a suitable nominee should create an equally successful and pleasant artistic or cosmetic outcome with either kind of implant my first remark is that breast augmentation or enlargement.

The primary difference in the effect of breast augmentation with saline breast implants from that with silicone gel breast implants is the feel of the implant. The effect of the surgery is not unsatisfactory, and if there are not any complications including hardening of the implant, then a saline implant will not feel more natural than a silicone gel implant.

There are many variables which bring about the various feel of the Saline implant & most of them can be called or handled. In quite slim girls with almost no breast tissue the saline will be palpable. It will likely be palpable if your capsule forms around the saline implant. If the saline implant doesn’t over fill, palpable folds can grow.

Setting the saline breast implant beneath the chest muscle helps to prevent folds that are palpable in the implant and over filling the implant helps prevent folds. Meticulous surgical technique of bleeding during surgery and avoidance also helps prevent the capsule that is scar tissue that makes the implant tough.


A silicone gel breast implant that has been set under muscle or the breast, with scrupulous technique and which doesn’t form hardening or a capsule does result in the most natural feeling breast. A “perfect result” with a silicone gel implant does feel better than a “perfect result” with a saline implant, but visually, the way they appear, is about the same, in my own opinion.

There’s nonetheless disadvantages to enlargement or silicone gel implant breast augmentation. The risk of capsular shrinkage of the breast implant is about the same with the newer gel implants as with the saline implant-13-15%. In addition if the implant should be replaced and does rupture, the surgery to replace a silicone gel breast implant is less simple than that for a ruptured breast implant that is saline.

Most girls within my practice locate the choice a straightforward one. Many patients are extremely health conscious and solely concerned with security, need the least danger, do not need to trouble with MRI’s, and are most concerned with how the breast appears and do not care about a subtle difference in feel and desire the least threat of firmness or capsular contraction of the breast implant. These patients usually are married, have kids, and are in their late 20’s to 40’s. Saline breast augmentation is generally chosen by them.

By far the greatest groups who pick silicone gel breast augmentation are typically with saline implants, patients who’ve had a previous breast augmentation, and desire a more natural feeling breast implant and pick to have replacement with silicone gel implants. One other big group of patients choosing gel breast implants is younger girls, single with no kids, who need the most natural feeling implant and have read a lot about breast augmentation.

It comes down to your scenario and your priorities. Silicone gel breast implants are safe and they create a lovely natural feeling outcome, if there aren’t any complications.

If you need the reassurance of not worrying about firmness and having to have MRI’s and worrying about the chance of rupture and you happen to be willing to accept the fact the implant will be discreetly palpable and may (many don’t form folds) form palpable folds that probably just you are going to see, the saline breast implants are an improved option for you.

If you desire feeling implant that is most natural or the best feeling subsequently silicone gel breast implant is the best option.

The most significant thing is for you yourself to locate a seasoned board certified plastic surgeon that can give you a honest view and has done many breast augmentation procedures.

I think the most significant factor in attaining an effect that is good with either kind of breast implant is expertise and the ability of the surgeon. This procedure must be done carefully and meticulously, rather than this strategy is taken by all surgeons.